104 - Remember the Maine

104 - Remember the Maine

July 19, 2021

Ever heard of scromiting? Us neither. Troy is about to lose grant money to develop prime downtown property, but it's not gonna be that easy. Are the Cuban protests authentic? Let's follow the money! And finally, the state of Maine is going some pretty neat stuff lately. 


Troy to hire firm for Monument Square project to avoid losing state grant 

U.S. Hits Highest Number of Daily New Coronavirus Cases in the World Again: Nearly 80,000

The Bay of Tweets:

The Cuba Money Project: 

Meth-addled Trout:

Maine Appreciation 

103 - The Will to Change

103 - The Will to Change

July 5, 2021

Just another week of upbeat content from your buddies at Ironweeds! Is the planet dying, or just trying to buck us like an angry bronco? Did climate change cause the South Florida condo collapse, or was it actually democracy? We talk about how these crises will keep speeding up, and our responses to them are outdated and counter-productive. Also, we must once again distance ourselves from President Biden after he has reauthorized a law that will lead to more jail time for non-violent drug offenders (where’s our promises kept??). The Boy Scouts of America have been accused of sexually abusing more than 80,000 boys, and despite what they knew, they did little to prevent it. On a happy note, the Brooklyn Museum has repatriated 1,305 artifacts to Costa Rica.


This isn’t a heatwave:


Biden fails to deliver on promises about drug war and incarceration:


Miami condo collapse:


Nearly 100 say they were abused in Capital Region Boy Scouts over decades: 


Costa Rica gets artifacts back:


Boy Scouts rescue drowning woman:


Volunteer for and donate to Marketa Edwards:


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102 - BIG WINS

102 - BIG WINS

June 28, 2021

This week there’s a lot to celebrate after a series of DSA electoral wins across the state, including Kiani Conley-Wilson, and cautious optimism for Marketa Edwards’ campaign as well. And AG Letitia James settles a lawsuit with Johnson and Johnson for $230 million to ease the opium epidemic. 


Election results: 


Take that J&J: 

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101 - New Normal, New Weird

101 - New Normal, New Weird

June 21, 2021

101 - New Normal, New Weird


Tired of making money the hard way, Britney, David, and Chris brainstorm what words and phrases we could trademark to make them Disney bucks. Albany Med hospital has violated human trafficking laws by turning Filipine nurses into indentured servants to avoid bargaining with the nurses’ union. Our climate is still a slow-motion trainwreck. The FBI is still using honeypot apps. But in Rochester, a restaurant has unionized, which is pretty tight.


Disney trademarking normal stuff that doesn’t belong to them: 


Automatic for the Bosses by David Banks:


AG: Albany Med violated human trafficking law, must repay Filipino nurses 


The West is drying out. Things will get ugly:


Smile for the camera!


Tierra Whack: Whack World:


CBS News: FBI uses ANOM messaging app to trick criminals, dealing "heavy blow against organized crime”:


Nani’s Kitchen workers unionize: 


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100 - 100

100 - 100

June 14, 2021

It's episode 100! 

Engineered for Dystopia by David A. Banks:

Conquest of Bread read by Britney Gil:

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99 -  Windows, And Other Broken Things

99 - Windows, And Other Broken Things

June 1, 2021

The Troy PD, intent on strangling even the last bit of transparency they have, is encrypting their radio transmissions. Albany County Sheriff promises to go hard on broken windows policing. The nation’s first line of defense against the bad guys has leaked critical information about our nuclear weapons arsenal in the dumbest way possible. 


Police using encrypted radios to hide behavior from public: 


Albany Sheriff and broken windows:


Nuclear Secrets Exposed:


Jew who stole Palestinian house has pretty much what you’d expect on his Facebook


Official whistleblower status for Rebekah Jones: 


Florida Covid death estimates:


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98 - Goofus and Gallant

98 - Goofus and Gallant

May 24, 2021

NY nurses speak out against Cuomo’s lifting of the mask mandate, and two NY men have a very different take on acceptable mask wearing behavior. HBO is using unfair labor practices while filming in Troy, and looking only for NON UNION extras. The New York Civil Liberties Union is suing the city of Troy for our police department’s failure/refusal to release disciplinary records. And RIck Santorum’s racism has finally resulted in him being given the boot by CNN.


Troy given a 19th century NYC look for filming 'The Gilded Age' 


Musicians accuse HBO of unfair labor practices on 'The Gilded Age' 


New York's largest nurses union condemns state's new mask policy 


Santorum is OUT:


NYCLU sues Troy:






People’s reporting project:


Help out and !


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97 - Rich History of Anonymous Speech

97 - Rich History of Anonymous Speech

May 17, 2021

We must sadly rescind our endorsement of President Biden after he doubles down on US unilateral support for Israel. The IDF continues its reign of terror, now including journalists as targets. In Saratoga, a very brave anonymous Facebook group is attacking a school teacher for bringing BLM activists to a classroom to speak on (gasp!) civil disobedience. Also hailing from our region, Elise Stefanik got a promotion as the party continues to prove that clinging to daddy Trump is the only way forward. Texas wants to tax your Tesla, a UAP that would turn you into a slurry is probably not Russian, and mRNA vaccine technology holds promise for other applications. 


AP denies IDF claim that Hamas was in building


UFO disclosure:


Secret Saratoga group berates school for allowing BLM leaders to speak: 


Profile on Elise Stefanik: 


Texas lawmakers want to tax EVs 


mRNA vaccine may be used against other viruses, cancer

96 - Reunited (And it Feels so Good)

96 - Reunited (And it Feels so Good)

May 10, 2021

We’re back baby! After six long months of remote podding we’re together again to discuss some awful stuff. The government is destroying private industry by giving people enough money to survive. Palestinians in East Jerusalem are being evicted and brutalized by the IDF and settlers. We all do a self crit on our former hatred of Elon Musk. And in Belgium, an adorable border dispute has caused a bit of a stir.


Support Kiani and Marketa for Troy City Council!


Palestinians in Jerusalem under fire:


Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border:


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95 - We Are All Jons

95 - We Are All Jons

May 4, 2021

This week we celebrate law and loyalty day and share some of the laws that we love following most. A massive “fatberg” is taking over Birmingham sewers, and Joel Greenberg begs Roger Stone to protect him from the consequences of engaging in activities with an “individual who was not yet 18.” Finally, while you do not in fact have to hand it to him, Biden may be getting us some new trains.  


Happy Loyalty Day!


Joel Greenberg’s letter to Roger Stone: 


Fatberg, right ahead!


ODB shout out: 2:54-3:28



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