60 - Driven to Vape

60 - Driven to Vape

August 25, 2020

This week we dive into the case of College Suites giving HVCC students the boot in favor of an exclusive contract with RPI. In other local news, Troy PD beat up a person asking for a complaint form. Donald Trump is driving poor Sean Hannity to vape. In Canada, doctors are harnessing the power of psilocybin to combat existential dread. 


College Suites kicks out students:


Housing developer wields power of university reopening: 


Hannity says Trump is a crazy person:


Magic Mushrooms give life new meaning:

59 - I Wish a Lotta People Well!

59 - I Wish a Lotta People Well!

August 17, 2020

This week we begin by tuning in to some Brexit conversations across the pond. Then we take a somewhat painful deep dive into the Trump axios interview. For our wildflower, we discuss the centralized approach to HVAC that Singapore is pursuing, in an effort to be energy efficient for their AC needs.


Modi / Xi Fight animation:


Singapore seeks high-efficiency cooling:

58 - UNLOCKED: Our Special Relationship

58 - UNLOCKED: Our Special Relationship

August 11, 2020

This week we take a deep dive into the world of Christian Zionists and America's "special relationship" with Israel. From the Puritans to the Continental Congress and modern-day Evangelists, Christian eschatology has looked to the Holy Land as a sign of the (end) times.

57 - MckOWNED

57 - MckOWNED

August 3, 2020

“Do I have tits?” and other questions elicited by the state’s enforcement of nipple repression. A cop from Cohoes gets a nice early retirement after getting black out drunk and shooting at some black kids. Trump comes for TikTok because, hey! That’s American data! Only we get to sell it! And Troy DSA gets its FOIL on to uncover records of police misconduct and other issues of transparency. 


Cohoes cop fires gun: 


TikTok divests from USA operations: 


Monitoring Russian military sites: 


Troy DSA seeks transparency: 

56 - Notorious

56 - Notorious

July 29, 2020

David tells us about some tenant organizing in Troy, and the gang discusses the possibilities of collectively owned housing projects and the virtues of adverse possession, or squatting. The Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which owns many local news stations in the US, is planning on pushing a piece of conspiratorial disinformation propaganda blaming Dr. Anthony Fauci for creating COVID-19. We discuss the life and legacy of Civil Rights legend John Lewis, the modern voting rights struggle, and the politics of memorialization. For our wildflower this week, new rapid transit bus lines are coming soon to the capital region! 


Do Not Eat public housing episode:


Sinclair’s “plandemic” disinformation propaganda:


Intercept article on John Lewis and the modern struggle for voting rights:


New Bus Lines for the Capital Region!:

55 - ¡Expropiado!

55 - ¡Expropiado!

July 21, 2020

This week we dig into the disturbing activities of federal officers in Portland as uprisings continue across the country. Of course, all of this is happening in the midst of the covid crisis, and all-time lows in our trust in institutions is making it difficult to find a path toward meaningful political change. But in Barcelona, city officials have a grave warning for landlords: fill your units or expropiado! 


Federal Officers In Portland Face Rising Opposition: 


CBP snatching people up:


Fill the units or they’re public housing:

54 - What if Your Boss Was an Algorithm?

54 - What if Your Boss Was an Algorithm?

July 14, 2020

The gang inspects our dystopic reality and asks some probing questions - Why does Elon Musk want backsies on his Ye endorsement? What if gig workers’ pay reflected their effort? What if your smart fridge ratted you out to your insurance company? What the hell is a democratic task force? This episode features a deep dive into David’s most recent essay for Real Life Magazine, which is now out in podcast form, narrated lovingly by Ironweeds’ own Britney Gil! And stick around for our first installment of Lenin’s State and Revolution. 


New Orleans gorilla is expecting! 


David’s Essay on robot bosses: 


Real Life Magazine Podcast RSS Feed: 


Target's Gig Workers Will Strike to Protest Switch to Algorithmic Pay Model: 

53 - Independence Ye

53 - Independence Ye

July 6, 2020

Britney gets Chris to sign up to volunteer for #Vision2020. Meanwhile, insurrection and subsequent blowback continue to break out across the country as tensions between radicals and reactionaries increase. In this world the problems are getting bigger and scarier but there are wildflowers in a nearby star system that is lookin’ pretty interesting to astronomists.

52 - Birthday Q&A

52 - Birthday Q&A

June 29, 2020

What a year it's been for the pod! This week we answer some listener questions about cops, desserts, boycotts, Stalin, and so much more! Thanks to everyone for your support. Here's to many more years.

51 - Don’t Call it a Comeback

51 - Don’t Call it a Comeback

June 22, 2020

We open this week’s episode with a report from the far-flung nation of the United States. Then the gang talks about the conspiracy theories around cops and those fireworks that are keeping you awake. Cuomo is trying to kill your grandparents, especially if you live in Troy. The dictatorship of the teen outsmarts the cheetoh-in-chief and for wildflowers we learn about a tortoise who has been a very busy boy.


Unrest in former British colony:


Cuomo forces nursing homes to take in Covid patients:


Nursing homes evicting residents to make room for more profitable Covid patients:


Diego the tortoise, father to hundreds and saviour of his species, finally retires:

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