22 - Bees Can Have A Little Salami

22 - Bees Can Have A Little Salami

November 25, 2019

Our wonderful opening was written by Sean Kelleher (Follow him on Twitter! @seandotexe) and performed by the one and only Brit. Then we celebrate the creation of our Patreon account by talking about what a more class conscious platform would look like. Then we try to understand the mind of a Buttigieg supporter (and are driven mad in the process). The debates were boring but Brit's crepe thief isn't! The team discusses Prince Andrew and conclude: If he can't sweat he wasn't wet! From plutocrats touching teens, we then turn to teens touched by plutocratic indoctrination: Teen Titans is trying to turn our children into slumlords! David has a new essay coming out at Commune magazine about Marx's double freedom (it isn't free) and to co-working industry ( For wildflowers: NO NOT THE BEES! I MEAN, YES THE BEES! As they sign off the gang begs for gig work.

21 - Thin Camo Line

21 - Thin Camo Line

November 19, 2019

It's Scorpio season, and the gang is back, albeit perhaps a bit hungover from a late night celebrating the birthdays of David and Chris. We get into the Bolivian crisis - a brutal military coup - the lithium mine interests, the manufacturing of a liberal legitimacy consensus through mainstream media and twitter bots, and the need to abolish the CIA for any hope of international socialist solidarity. We then talk about how the US Navy Seals are being warned not to report war crimes, the class division in the military, drone tech, and the effect of distance on the ability to do violence. Our wildflower is a vaccine that can render cats hypo-allergenic, and the delightful story of how Chris catnapped his kitty Marla armed with frozen taquitos and a laundry basket.

Links: David's article on Bolivian tweets: (

Officer Adrian Schoolcraft's struggle to resist the NYPD quota system: (

Seals warned against reporting war crimes: (

Hypo-Allergenic Cat Vaccine: (

Episode art is apparently a legit challenge coin for Florida cops. Gods save us, everyone.

20 - ICE ICE Bernie

20 - ICE ICE Bernie

November 14, 2019

This week we roll our eyes as Warren freaks out at Amy Goodman, stan Bernie's calls to abolish ICE, check in on the (avowed, self-described) fascists in the military and discuss the finer points of right wing vs left wing prepper strategies. For wildflowers this week we earnestly love the story of the first successful penis and scrotum transplant 

Vice article on race war recruitment in the Marines: (

Miracle Junk Transplant: (

Well There's Your Problem (@wtyppod) Episode 5, ft. David (@da_banks) : (

Interview Chris (@chris_scully) did with XR activists living in community in Virginia: (

19 - Like A Boss Baby

19 - Like A Boss Baby

November 7, 2019

The gang is back, and we're talking that talk. We begin by commemorating Beto's bowing out from the presidential race with a reading of a piece by David wherein Beto takes mushrooms with his friend and exposes on the pleasure of becoming a bag of spiders. Then we laugh about how much of a goofy racist piece of shit Richard Spencer is, discuss how fusion voting and opportunity to ballot are making our local elections horrible, and whether ranked choice voting has a chance of helping the situation. We finish up with the heartwarming tale of how Peter Daou went from being a Lebanese child soldier, to Clinton acolyte, to the chairmen of a political revolution calling for a general strike. 

David piece on Beto getting weird: (

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18 - Spookyweeds!

18 - Spookyweeds!

October 30, 2019

We are #blessed with a #guest this week, Chris' lovely fiance Emily, as we tune in to some ghost hunters very compelling evidence of the paranormal. Your friends form Troy trade local spooky experiences and historical hauntings. Then we lament a mistreated goat at the hands of a slumlord, and talk about the importance of tenants' unions. We close out with ghost hunting and the creation of authenticity in David's new essay.

The book we read: (

David's essay: (

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17 - Rebellion: Anti-Rent War Pt. 2

17 - Rebellion: Anti-Rent War Pt. 2

October 25, 2019

On this episode Brit regales us with the thrilling conclusion of the Anti-Rent War. But not before we try to guess what Buttigieg and Zuck must have been talking about in that selfie. We also remind everyone about DSA's tenants's town hall and get ready for a new anti-rent war! For wildflowers we talk about the golden asteroid that would make us all as rich as Bezos if that's how value worked, and the Blink 182 guy is researching UFO metals with the military 

Troy DSA's Tenants Town Hall: (

Psyche 16, the biggest score of them all: (

Tom Delonge's Army Research Contract: (

16 - Rebellion: Anti-Rent War Pt. 1

16 - Rebellion: Anti-Rent War Pt. 1

October 17, 2019

On this episode we start off with Chris reporting back from an XR event in New York City. We talk about the challenges of choosing the right tactics for effective political change in the face of tough odds. Brit begins the first of a two-part series on Upstate New York's Anti-Rent Wars against the Van Rensselaer family. Come for the history, stay for the inventive ways our forbears screwed with the sheriff.

We refer a lot to this book: (  

Finally, for wildflowers, we take a look at Never Again Atlanta's plan to give ICE agents a way out of the ruthless gang they are in: (


15 - Streetcar Desire ft. Justin Roczniak (@donoteat1)

15 - Streetcar Desire ft. Justin Roczniak (@donoteat1)

October 10, 2019

This week the gang is #blessed with a guest: Justin Roczniak of Do Not Eat YouTube fame and acclaim. We discuss Tesla under-delivering their electric Ford Pintos, cars being just the absolute worst, some light history on urban transit is sprinkled throughout, and we ask: nuclear energy - hot or not? Wildflowers for the week are about how strikes are dope, and what soothing media opiates we consume to get through stressful work sessions.  

Outro music - On Strike by GmacCash: (
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14 - Party and Bullshit

14 - Party and Bullshit

October 7, 2019

This week Chris and David report back from Bird-dogging the Mayor about the coverup of the police murder of Edson Thevenin. Also Chris is sober. Bernie Sanders needs to fix Taco Bell for the people. Liz Warren's plans aren't enough, because you gotta build movements. For our wildflowers: Spiders ride the lightning and use electricity to fly!

// Organizing around police brutality in Troy: (

// let Democrats running know how you feel about murder cover ups!

Bissember: (

Cummings: (

& Madden: (

13 - Plates, Trains and Automocrats

13 - Plates, Trains and Automocrats

September 25, 2019

This week we discuss the lurid details of #plategate, how trains transitioned from erotic death machines of capitalism to friendly socialist transport, yeeting billionaires, Pelosi finally doing her job but for all the wrong reasons, and how being nice just might save your life. 

David's article on trains: 

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