80 - The Treason Will be Livestreamed

80 - The Treason Will be Livestreamed

January 18, 2021

This episode we’re reviewing some of what we’ve learned about the January 6th Capitol Building debacle in the last week. Some are surprising, like how well organized their funding was, and some are less surprising, like how many cops were present and how stupid they were for livestreaming their failed coup. We also discuss the violence that broke out in ALbany on the 6th. And of course, we ask ourselves the most important of questions: If you died today and you went to heaven, can you look George Washington in the face and say that you’ve fought for this country?

The building’s yours:

More cops ceding ground at the capitol:

How the Capitol riot was funded:

Why you don’t take treason selfies:

Snitches on Bumble (critical support):

Albany Proper Coverage of Capitol Fight in Albany

518 Independent coverage: 

Legal fund for Alex Stokes:
cashapp: $SamsonContompasis
venmo: samson-Contompasis

Legal fund for Alexis Figuero
Cashapp: $UntitledAndFree

Free Joe the Pigeon:

Calling all anarchist creators! Apply for IAS grants:

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79 - To Coup or Not to Coup

79 - To Coup or Not to Coup

January 11, 2021

We talk about the chud assault on the Capitol Building. That's it. That's the episode.

78 - Ctrl Z

78 - Ctrl Z

January 4, 2021

We’d sure like to undo a lot of stuff. Like all of 2020. We discuss the Nashville Christmas bombing and conspiracy theories, the case of a Troy woman who has been kicked out of her home by a Dickensian villain, and how the NY State Legislature has come to renters’ rescue by creating a form to fill out. Then, it’s all Covid all the time, bby. And what a mess it’s been. Between vaccine rollout nightmares and Congress members enriching themselves on the backs of dying Americans, 2021 is shaping up to be more of the same. Except in Illinois, where 500k cannabis arrest records have been expunged. 

Nashville bombing:

Chasity’s story:

NY Senate passes Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act:

Cuomo imposing penalties for vaccine line skipping, fraud:

Members of congress get PPP loans:

Covid-19 Vaccine’s Slow Rollout Could Portend More Problems:

Illinois expunges cannabis arrest records

77 - The War on Christmas
76 - Indirectly by China

76 - Indirectly by China

December 15, 2020

This week we face the disturbing news that the Tri-City Valley Cats may end up being stray cats if another league doesn’t step up to the plate. Cheap plastic trinkets, even the very cute ones, may help to temporarily ease the aches and pains of capitalist alienation, but it’s ultimately unsustainable. David, our official Parler correspondent, fills us in on what Bill Mitchell and his ilk are up to in the right wing leper colony. We tease our NXIVM episode on Patreon with a discussion of the cult’s political connections here in Rensselaer County. And finally, a very adorable old British man gets one of the first vaccines in the world.

Vamos Gatos!:

Funko Pops: I just think theyre neat!:

Martin Kenyon wants to see his grandchildren: 

FBI told Sarah Edmonson the brandings “seemed consensual” :

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75 - Follow the (Immortal) Science

75 - Follow the (Immortal) Science

December 8, 2020

Hope you can pay your rent with Joe Biden’s understanding, because that’s what you’re gonna get! And Pelosi didn’t make a mistake by passing a “stimulus” package with no checks, that was a decision. And how dare you ask! Meanwhile, India is seeing the biggest mass strike in history and Albany nurses had a one day strike for better PPE and wages. And finally, the only good politician, the Mayor of Flavortown, is redistributing funds from the rich to the poor better than our government. 


Nurses strike and targeted harassment: 


Take us to Flavortown baby! 

250 Million strike in India:

74 - Vampire Castle Weekend

74 - Vampire Castle Weekend

November 30, 2020

This week we dig into the late Mark Fisher’s “Exiting the Vampire Castle” and the ways online attacks and witch hunts have grown since his writing seven years ago. Meanwhile, Troy DSA makes demands for changes to policing, and a massive coral reef spire is discovered off the coast of Australia. 

The Vampire Castle:

Sign the petition! 

That’s a big reef ya got there:

73 - Vengeance

73 - Vengeance

November 23, 2020

Though we are apart, the gang soldiers on with remote podding as covid cases rise. This week we discuss the Biden cabinet and the myth that liberals ever had any interest in working with progressives, or that the Biden administration could be pushed left. Why should we cancel student debt? So many reasons! Just do it! How can we re-imagine the future of work and the balance of practicality and joyfulness? Child labor: good or bad? Our answer might surprise you! And we find a bit of good news from a foreign shore--Guatemala, where the fires are hot and the guillotines are shiny! 

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Parler users urged to protest the Georgia Runoff: 

Rahm Emanuel possible cabinet pick: 

Other possible Biden cabinet members: 

Guatemala protesters make their voices heard:

72 - UNLOCKED: Trust the Plan

72 - UNLOCKED: Trust the Plan

November 16, 2020

You are the news now.

Nothing can stop what's coming.

This is the Calm before the Storm.

You have more than you know.

Future proves past.

Where we go one, we go all.

Travis View on PBS:

Very long Imgur post from a believer, "The Coming Storm":

Adrienne LaFrance’s Atlantic piece:

How to help loved ones trapped in Qanon conspiracy with Steve Hassan: 

Credit for spooky, mysterious music to Maurice "YoungBlaze" Clopton: 

71 - All Your Dinar Are Belong to Us

71 - All Your Dinar Are Belong to Us

November 9, 2020

We hope you’ll indulge our election post mortem and the stunning discourse around who actually won this absolute squeaker for Biden. We also discuss Israel’s demolition of a Palestinian hamlet in the West Bank on election day. A huge congrats to Cori Bush on her win in Missouri. And please enjoy, after a much-too-long break, the conclusion to Chapter 4 of Lenin’s State and Revolution. 

Atmospheric Disturbances: 

Israel buldozes palestinian hamlet: 

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