118 - Care About Child Care Feat. Ashley

118 - Care About Child Care Feat. Ashley

October 18, 2021

This week we’re blessed with a guest! Ashley joins us to share her experiences working in child care activism and to inform us about the dismal state of child care in the US. We also discuss dreadful conditions at the Rensselaer County Jail, the rights of vapers, and Zuck’s massive pay cut in the wake of whistleblower allegations and Facebook downage. 


Vapers’ rights 


Child care: 


She's been detained at 5 NY jails, says Rensselaer County's is the worst.



117 - Living Well and Lying Flat

117 - Living Well and Lying Flat

October 11, 2021

This week we ask ourselves: What is the good life? American men are dropping out of the above board workforce in huge numbers, while women are increasing their numbers. We talk about the Buen Vivir movement and the tensions between Deep Ecology and Social Ecology, with David channeling cranky Bookchin. In China, workers are celebrating Tangping, or Lying Flat, in response to brutal work schedules. What does it mean to work? To rest? To care for oneself in a broken world? Ya know, just some light conversation among friends.


7 Ways men living without working in America:


Enough is Enough:


Buen Vivir:


Tangping, or lying flat:


Deep ecology vs social ecology 

116 - Beta Cuck Testers

116 - Beta Cuck Testers

October 4, 2021

This week we’re returning to an old favorite, the nightmarish business model of Tesla and the lack of any meaningful regulation to curtail it. We also remember the rallying cry of kids in cages as President Biden allows Border Patrol to play cowboy/slave driver on Haitians seeking asylum. Oath Keepers communications have been hacked, and the documents are riddled with cops and military types. Britney is finally getting free, which turns out to redound to all our benefit, and these global cities have found one easy tip for reducing emissions and moving people around. 


Beta Cuck Tesla Testers: 


Tesla runs over cops:


Joe Biden’s immigration policy is as bad as Trumps: 


Electric Transit Gets the Goods: 


Karl Hansen interview pt 1:


Karl Hansen Interview pt 2:


Comrade Grimes:


Oath Keepers Hack:

What’s that in the sky? It’s Britney, bitch:

115 - Suspicious Cleavage

115 - Suspicious Cleavage

September 27, 2021

Everyone is responding to the vaccine mandates, as you would expect: badly. Already strained hospitals and schools are about to lose a ton of employees. Cuomo was gonna assemble the NY Cannabis Control Board but then he got high (on ziti) so Hochul finished the job. The Intercept shares some spooky reporting on the lab-leak theory of Covid19 and gain of function research. And the courts block a huge drilling project in Alaska, citing concerns about the end of life as we know it.

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Area hospitals face tough decisions as 'alarming' staffing crisis worsens: 


Hochul nominates final Cannabis Control Board members: 


The Intercept reporting on Covid origins:


Court Blocks Alaskan Drilling Project:

114 - I Owe My Soul To The Factory Store

114 - I Owe My Soul To The Factory Store

September 20, 2021

Coming to a working class near you: entire towns owned and operated by Amazon. Don’t worry, it’s for your own good! And as a parting gift, our pull out from Afghanistan features the murder of seven children and three adults whose crime was transporting water. We have a few updates on Britney, Byron, and Buffalo, and for a palate cleanser we talk about Barcelona reclaiming space from cars to create public green space. 

Alain Kaloyeros conviction upheld over buffalo billions bid-rigging scandal:


Byron Brown off the ballot:


CNN investigation on drone attack: 


Company--I mean factory--towns:


Barcelona takes over car space for public space:

113 - State of the State feat. Adam Pelletier

113 - State of the State feat. Adam Pelletier

September 13, 2021

In this New York-themed episode we’re joined by friend of the pod Adam to talk about union support for India Walton’s opponent and what it means for the general election. In North Country, a CIA officer is looking to kick Stefanik out of Congress by attracting moderates. And in Saratoga, cops are targeting BLM activists and doing a great job of convincing everyone that they are definitely not racist why would you even say that? Finally, a potential treatment for our now endemic fact of life, Covid 19.

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Former CIA officer seeks to challenge Stefanik in 21st District 


Saratoga cops gone wild


TU Opinion on Saratoga:


Saratoga BLM aid information:


India Walton & union endorsements: 


Viper Venom Covid Treatment: 

112 - Friendship Ended with Joel

112 - Friendship Ended with Joel

September 6, 2021

In an admirable attempt to level the playing field among gamers, China limits video game use for youths under the age of 18. The Instagram user who sold fake vaccination credentials has been arrested. Florida man has been charged with extorting another Florida man and his Florida son. Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in the north and south and in between, and slum lords are of course making the problem worse. And finally, elephants are terrified of bees, and that’s a good thing. 


Listen to our full episode on abortion past and present:


Chinese government bans weekday gaming:


AntiVaxMomma arrested for selling fake vaccine cards:


Matt Gaetz extortion case: 


13 killed in NYC flooding:


Elephants and bees:


111 - Covid Killed the Radio Star

111 - Covid Killed the Radio Star

August 30, 2021

It’s yet another brutal week of Covid news. Two more anti-vax radio hosts have died, and the gang wonders if there’s a media market gap there that we could fill. Governor Hochum announces that an additional 12,000 New Yorkers will be added to the list of those who died under Andy Cuomo. Fake vaccine cards are apparently way easier and cheaper to get than you might imagine. Meanwhile, Israel is provoking Palestinian Arabs by increasing the number of Jewish Israelis allowed to pray atop the Temple Mount, and in bad news for seals but good news for the environment, Canada is about to gain one new wetland.


Get Brit a living-ish wage:


Another one bites the dust 


Eviction moratorium: 


Uh oh Cuomo killed more old folks:


Fake vax cards:


Prayer at the Temple Mount: 


Project Watersheds:


Zombie Giuliani:

110 - Maskdebaters

110 - Maskdebaters

August 23, 2021

So much has happened in our absence! The end of US operations in Afghanistan shows just how little we’ve accomplished in 20 years. Well, something was accomplished at least: a massive transfer of wealth. As Covid continues to worsen, people are losing their minds in some very disturbing ways, and even Trump isn’t immune. For our wildflower, a cannabis factory is coming to the Cap District!


Mask debaters: & 


Pot plant: 


Sean Hannity being so normal: 

Trump got it, it’s good!

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109 - UNLOCKED - Same House, Same Car

109 - UNLOCKED - Same House, Same Car

August 18, 2021

We're off this week, but please enjoy this released Patreon episode! Get more bonus content at

What if you could have everything exactly as it is, with no disruption to your daily life, and end fossil fuel pollution? Well you can’t. But some guy thinks you can! We’re talking about electrifying America, the pros, the cons, the infeasibility… all of it! And we also get into the current housing market, in which corporations and financiers are buying up housing and pricing working people out of the market… forever, basically. And finally, a battery made out of diamonds and radiation that will last long after we’ve destroyed our ecosystem. Either way, you’ll never have to charge your phone again!
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