160 - Carm vs. Color

160 - Carm vs. Color

September 26, 2022

We regret to inform you that the cops are, once again, behaving badly. A woman who was abandoned by Colorado police in a cruiser parked on train tracks is expected to survive after being hit by a train. A judge has been removed from his post for repeatedly bragging about pulling his hand gun on a “big black man” while presiding in court. A Glens Falls woman is being denied a crucial medication for her rare condition because it could potentially cause birth defects in a fetus that she does not have and does not plan to have ever. You’ll never guess what question they ask her! And the California Condor is making a comeback after years on the brink of extinction. 


Woman arrested and left in police cruiser, hit by train:


Woman denied medication for being capable of bearing a fetus:


Racist Judge pulls gun in courtroom:


Uncle Sam Monument Made Cooler, Carm is unhappy:


Unbearable cop gets whole 10 hour suspension for TikTok:


Condors are making a comeback! 

159 - Human Trafficking Rush Hour

159 - Human Trafficking Rush Hour

September 20, 2022

Absent Britney, who is down flat from the covid booster, the boys tread into lots of local stories, including an update on the Albany Central Warehouse, the Rensselaer County Elections Commissioner getting arrested for voter fraud, and Albany med nurses being trafficked by the hospital. We also talk about the bigger human trafficking story dominating the news, what NYC influencers do on a normal day (it’s not normal), and for a bright spot: Trials for a new Lyme Disease vaccine. 


Migrants kidnapped and flown to Martha’s Vineyard: 


Leg Lengthening: 


Rensselaer County Elections Commissioner arrested:


New York City influencers: 


Albany Central Warehouse continues to crumble:


More ex-Albany Med nurses to be compensated in human trafficking case: 

Lyme vaccine trial enrolling participants for phase three:

158 - Redshirts Never Die

158 - Redshirts Never Die

September 12, 2022

In one of our more casual episodes, Britney and David are back from the Ren Faire with stories. David went on TrueAnon to talk about cities and the trends that ruin them. The Queen is dead. It is (was) 9/11. Credit card companies are beginning to tag all firearm sales and track purchasers. And a non-profit discount grocery store is coming to one of Troy’s biggest food desserts! 


Visa, Mastercard, and Amex to track gun sales: 


Discount grocer coming soon to Central Troy:

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157 - Mandatory Union Coffee Break

157 - Mandatory Union Coffee Break

September 6, 2022

This week we’re missing David, but are joined by previous guests/friends of the show Sean and Ashley to talk about local union organizing, the potential of a national railroad strike, the weirdo ex-CEO spending millions of dollars to prove that Trump won in 2020, the Albany Police Review Board’s requests for more power and funds, and Germany’s program to cut fuel dependency with cheap rail transit. Don’t miss David’s appearance on TrueAnon where he discusses his forthcoming book! 


David on TrueAnon:


Election conspiracy theory conference:


Rail workers unions:


Albany Police Review Board:


Germany’s cheap transit project:

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156 - Busting Out The Sack

156 - Busting Out The Sack

August 30, 2022

There’s more than one way to discipline a worker, but the sack may be the most effective. Manhattan is further infecting upstate with a bar targeted at lobbyists. UFOs are not only real, and not only non-human, but they are an exponentially growing threat. Apparently. An Alabama Pastor was arrested for watering his neighbors flowers. And a bald eagle caught a baby falcon for lunch, but ended up raising it as its own.  


Exponential UFOs: 


Using the sack to discipline workers: 


'Political junkies' tavern eyeing fall opening near state Capitol:


Eagle catches baby falcon:


Alabama Pastor arrested for watering plants:


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155 - The Price of Fame

155 - The Price of Fame

August 22, 2022

Men, am I right? Oof. This week we’re talking about two real gems of masculinity–violent misogynist Andrew Tate and violent fake liberal CEO Dan Price. Also, did you know Brandon massively scaled back the drone war? Us neither. I wonder why… Then, a father who took a photo of his toddler’s penis to consult with a doctor has had his entire Google account deleted. And for our wildflower, retail sale of legal cannabis is in sight for NY State!


Andrew Tate’s MLM:


Dan Price’s Social Media: 


Biden’s Drone War: 


Google Account Deleted for Medical Photo:

154 - Back in the Saddle

154 - Back in the Saddle

August 15, 2022

We’re back, baby! Hope you didn’t miss us too much. We catch up a bit before getting into such topics as minor league baseball, guns, Trump’s beautiful safe, a DEA agent who murdered his neighbor with no consequences, an update on the Capital Roots unionization effort, and a bit of good news about the Great Barrier Reef. Keep your eyes peeled for our episode on the Albany Warehouse, coming soon to a Patreon feed near you!


DEA agent kills neighbor, gets off scot free:


Great Barrier Reef:


EKY Mutual Aid donation link:

Does The New Star Trek Betray The Socialist Principles Of The Original Series?

Does The New Star Trek Betray The Socialist Principles Of The Original Series?

August 5, 2022

The venerable Star Trek universe is really the only major pop culture property that can be claimed as certifiably leftist. But how do the newest batch of shows hold up? In a special crossover episode, Lyta Gold of Art for the End Times teams up with a lively panel of fellow podcasters and Trekkies—David Banks and Britney Gil (Iron Weeds), Leslie Lee III (Struggle Session), and Aaron Thorpe (Trillbilly Workers Party, Struggle Session, and Everybody Loves Communism)—to discuss the most recent Star Trek show to hit the airwaves, Strange New Worlds. Drawing on decades of collective Trekkie experience, they debate Paramount’s increasingly cynical approach to making Trek, and how the whole series succeeds (or fails) in imagining fully automated luxury space communism while still being created by capitalists.

153 - Tin Foil Hat Cat

153 - Tin Foil Hat Cat

July 25, 2022

Something is rotten in the state of New York. A vicious attack on Representative and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin feels suspiciously like a set up. On the other side of the fence, one family has donated $300k to Kathy Hochul’s campaign, with an impressive ROI of $637m. Republicans are having a really tough time with the whole gay marriage issue, so please send thoughts and prayers. And for our wildflower, a randy little parrot is at the height of its game! 


A family donated $300K to Hochul. New York has paid the family business $637M.  


“Attack” on Lee Zeldin:


Poor republicans and the gay marriage debate: 


Don’t call it a Kakapo Komeback:


Shagged by a rare parrot: 

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152 - AstroTurf the World

152 - AstroTurf the World

July 20, 2022

A story sandwich this week–good stuff, bad stuff, and good stuff to leave your palate cleansed. Congressional staffers are unionizing! But the climate is actively killing us and our poor, poor grass. We’ll show them tho, by using plastic grass! Progress! Arizona has effectively outlawed filming the police. But David wrote an essay on psychedelics and architecture! And the good folks at the New Jersey Medieval Times are unionizing! 


Congressional staffers unionizing:


Delivery drivers succumbing to heat: 


Artificial turf:


Filming police outlawed in Arizona:


Read David in Dwell Magazine!

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