11 - I Drink your Milk Steak

11 - I Drink your Milk Steak

September 9, 2019

This week David gets back from a #Neveragainisnow rally and didn’t get hit by a car! Though we later agree that bikes are cars too (in the best way possible). The Joker is (un)cancelled. We look at the paltry offerings of the CNN town hall (except for Bernie, we stan him). Then we get into the equally sticky topics of population control and fish poop. Finally, for wildflowers we ask the tough question: “Can waifus consent to polyamory?” All this and more on IRONWEEDS! (Oh and a minor correction: when Chris says "ringworm" he means "hookworm.")


Never Again March coverage:

“Climate Crisis Town Hall”

Incel penguin:

10 - Good Cop, One Donut!

10 - Good Cop, One Donut!

September 4, 2019

This week on the pod, Brit returns from her fieldwork in the North Star State, David gives us permission to call Ben Shapiro a manlet, local police do their darnedest to protect a killer cop, Trump wants to listen to your “mental extremes” on your Alexa, and thousands of NY State weed convictions are overturned. Hurray!

Reporting on the Troy PD coverup:

SAFE HOME project to monitor people with mental illness:

Justice for Dahmeek:

NY overturns 160,000 marijuana convictions:

Throw us a hammy:

9 - Regime Change Your Boss

9 - Regime Change Your Boss

August 26, 2019

This episode, we are blessed with a guest, Sean Collins, lead organizer of SEIU 200 United and author and contributor at Strike Wave ( @strikewave), a labor news publication. Unfortunately, we are also cursed with an absence, as Britney was unable to record this week.  We talk about labor organizing, the modern space race, free taco promotions, tipped wages, democracy in the workplace, the republican primary, and for our wildflower: dancing on the grave of David Koch.

Spot Coffee Article at The Strike Wave:

Democracy @ Work:

Organizing at Tesla in Upstate NY:

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8 - Kaiju Kangaroo

8 - Kaiju Kangaroo

August 20, 2019

We got another transmission from the alternate near-future! We Appreciate (clean, efficient) Power! This week we gather 'round the ole podcasting hearth and discuss our very normal news, the mysterious Hudson Valley Sightings, and our wildflowers are wild trees bearing heirloom fruits. Also:

7 - All Cats Are Beautiful

7 - All Cats Are Beautiful

August 12, 2019

The gang gets a welcome radio transmission from the future, and have our friend and comrade Caroline Nagy (@carolinenudge) on to discuss the recent DSA National Convention (

Afterwards we reel from the sudden death of billionaire-child-rape-ring-leader Jeffrey Epstein, and marvel at our near-constant feeling of unsurprising shock with that we dub "pikachu-face."

We check in with the Democratic primary, and discuss Columbia Development and disgraced developer / rat Joseph Niccola's most recent shenanigans in Troy (

Our wildflowers this week is all about healthy happy cats! Meow!

6 - Dark Psychic Discourses

6 - Dark Psychic Discourses

August 6, 2019

The gang is back with more hot shit. We discuss: our brassican identities, the democratic primary debates, Amerikkka's ongoing descent into violence, gun laws, mental illness, stochastic terrorism, dark magic, the technology replacing Esperanto, and to lighten the mood - the rise of catholic exorcisms and demonic possession in general.

Catholic Exorcisms on the Rise:

Episode art is the red nexus from League of Legends, a children's video game that Chris and the El Paso police are apparently way too into. 

5 - No Community for Old Men

5 - No Community for Old Men

July 31, 2019

On this, our latest prime-numbered episode of Ironweeds we discuss Epstein's continued descent into getting what he deserves, why community is either a marketing ploy or a white supremacist rhetorical tool, the decriminalization of weed in NY state, and for our wildflowers segment we talk about our National Orgasm Day plans.

~~Show Notes~~

Epstein's terrible horrible no good very bad day:

The essay Brit & David wrote:

Up to 2 ounces of freedom:

National Orgasm Day:

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4 - You Are Not A Muncho

4 - You Are Not A Muncho

July 21, 2019

The gang gets together to chat about the death machines we all deal with every day, the horrifying political theater of feeding red meat to racist crowds, the history and legacy of our government's program of weaponizing parasitic insects, and we wrap up by praising some delightful snack foods.

Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons;

The inventor of the biscuits and gravy flavor winning a prize of $1MM from Frito-Lay;

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3 - It’s Maddening

3 - It’s Maddening

July 15, 2019
The gang reacts to news about Epstein (spoiler: it's not good folks), Chris makes excuses for his recent political defeat, David chronicles the attempts to make Troy a Sanctuary City, Brit tells us about Wal-Mart unionizing via Reddit, and the gang shares its hopes of discovery when our comrades successfully take Area 51.
James Bridle article on Weird Kids YouTube:
Link to Graeber essay:
Link to TU on Carmella and Green Party:
2 - Scary Sexy Computers

2 - Scary Sexy Computers

July 8, 2019

The gang discusses the ideologically reinforcing structures of suburbs and right-wing YouTube algorithms, deplatforming and internet censorship, and stans mega-evil mega-corporations Apple & Google. (Oh and a minor correction: when Brit says "trolls" she means "bots.")