22 - Bees Can Have A Little Salami

November 25, 2019

Our wonderful opening was written by Sean Kelleher (Follow him on Twitter! @seandotexe) and performed by the one and only Brit. Then we celebrate the creation of our Patreon account by talking about what a more class conscious platform would look like. Then we try to understand the mind of a Buttigieg supporter (and are driven mad in the process). The debates were boring but Brit's crepe thief isn't! The team discusses Prince Andrew and conclude: If he can't sweat he wasn't wet! From plutocrats touching teens, we then turn to teens touched by plutocratic indoctrination: Teen Titans is trying to turn our children into slumlords! David has a new essay coming out at Commune magazine about Marx's double freedom (it isn't free) and to co-working industry ( For wildflowers: NO NOT THE BEES! I MEAN, YES THE BEES! As they sign off the gang begs for gig work.

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