46 - People Do Die

May 18, 2020

Youtube decides Chris is a crank and starts advertising to him accordingly. The City of Troy moves to eliminate its entire reading department due to a budget shortfall. We discuss the tragic murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the new evidence that local police may have facilitated his killing. We also talk about calls to reopen the states, how Elon Musk defied Alameda County’s Coronavirus restrictions, and how a California city declares itself a “Sanctuary City for Work.” For our wildflower, an adorable baby pygmy hippo. Enjoy Chapter 14 of The Conquest of Bread!


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People Will Die. People Do Die.' Wall Street Has Had Enough of the Lockdown:


Police officer told homeowner he could contact Ahmaud Arbery shooting suspect for help with potential trespassers:


Central California town declares itself 'sanctuary city' for business:

An endangered pygmy hippo was born at the San Diego Zoo:

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