36 - Coughing is Literal Violence

March 9, 2020

Big Structural Self Discreditation may not be good sloganeering, but it seems an accurate depiction of the new turn in Liz’ political career. We set a time to discuss the electoral horse race for a maximum of 15 minutes, and then move on to discuss PILOT programs and how they are a factor in gentrification, with a case study of our beloved city of Troy. Then, we discuss how the Department of Defense has contracted illegally with local incineration facilities including the Norlite facility in Cohoes, NY to burn some seriously heinous chemicals. We talk COVID19 with the new declaration of a State of Emergency in New York, and for our wildflower we stan the Wuhan Gang of quarantined middle school kids who 1-star reviewed their homework app into oblivion. 

We leave you with a few early tracks from Chris’ band Zombie Giuliani’s first album, and Brit’s narration of Kropotkin’s Conquest of Bread, Chapter 7, Ways and Means.

Wuhan Gang Aint Nothin To Fuck With: (

Zombie Giuliani First Show Poster: (

Details: Mar 19, 9:30 PM, Desperate Annies, 12 Caroline St. Saratoga, NY

Zombie Giuliani Album: (

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