23 - Salmon Cannon & The Tute Screw

December 11, 2019

Apologies for the absence last week, we were evading the black helicopters that keep following us after we called for the abolition of the CIA. But now the gang's back with more hot takes and cool stories, bro. We get into the recent local scandal of Troy City Councilor and scumbag TJ Kennedy, who allegedly dosed a woman's drink! Then we get real mad about ICE setting up a fake college to fuck over, jail, and deport immigrant students. We discuss the MSM Bernie Blackout, how all mass media is propaganda, and this week we bring you two wildflowers - Lyme Disease vaccines and male contraception solutions are in the works!

TJ Kennedy sucks! (

ICE's Fake School Entrapment: (

Bernie Blackout - It's real, and good? (

Lyme Disease Vaccines: (

Male Contraceptives: (

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