21 - Thin Camo Line

November 19, 2019

It's Scorpio season, and the gang is back, albeit perhaps a bit hungover from a late night celebrating the birthdays of David and Chris. We get into the Bolivian crisis - a brutal military coup - the lithium mine interests, the manufacturing of a liberal legitimacy consensus through mainstream media and twitter bots, and the need to abolish the CIA for any hope of international socialist solidarity. We then talk about how the US Navy Seals are being warned not to report war crimes, the class division in the military, drone tech, and the effect of distance on the ability to do violence. Our wildflower is a vaccine that can render cats hypo-allergenic, and the delightful story of how Chris catnapped his kitty Marla armed with frozen taquitos and a laundry basket.

Links: David's article on Bolivian tweets: (

Officer Adrian Schoolcraft's struggle to resist the NYPD quota system: (

Seals warned against reporting war crimes: (

Hypo-Allergenic Cat Vaccine: (

Episode art is apparently a legit challenge coin for Florida cops. Gods save us, everyone.

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