116 - Beta Cuck Testers

October 4, 2021

This week we’re returning to an old favorite, the nightmarish business model of Tesla and the lack of any meaningful regulation to curtail it. We also remember the rallying cry of kids in cages as President Biden allows Border Patrol to play cowboy/slave driver on Haitians seeking asylum. Oath Keepers communications have been hacked, and the documents are riddled with cops and military types. Britney is finally getting free, which turns out to redound to all our benefit, and these global cities have found one easy tip for reducing emissions and moving people around. 


Beta Cuck Tesla Testers: 


Tesla runs over cops:


Joe Biden’s immigration policy is as bad as Trumps: 


Electric Transit Gets the Goods: 


Karl Hansen interview pt 1:


Karl Hansen Interview pt 2:


Comrade Grimes:


Oath Keepers Hack:

What’s that in the sky? It’s Britney, bitch:

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