113 - State of the State feat. Adam Pelletier

September 13, 2021

In this New York-themed episode we’re joined by friend of the pod Adam to talk about union support for India Walton’s opponent and what it means for the general election. In North Country, a CIA officer is looking to kick Stefanik out of Congress by attracting moderates. And in Saratoga, cops are targeting BLM activists and doing a great job of convincing everyone that they are definitely not racist why would you even say that? Finally, a potential treatment for our now endemic fact of life, Covid 19.

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Former CIA officer seeks to challenge Stefanik in 21st District 


Saratoga cops gone wild


TU Opinion on Saratoga:


Saratoga BLM aid information:


India Walton & union endorsements: 


Viper Venom Covid Treatment: 

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