111 - Covid Killed the Radio Star

August 30, 2021

It’s yet another brutal week of Covid news. Two more anti-vax radio hosts have died, and the gang wonders if there’s a media market gap there that we could fill. Governor Hochum announces that an additional 12,000 New Yorkers will be added to the list of those who died under Andy Cuomo. Fake vaccine cards are apparently way easier and cheaper to get than you might imagine. Meanwhile, Israel is provoking Palestinian Arabs by increasing the number of Jewish Israelis allowed to pray atop the Temple Mount, and in bad news for seals but good news for the environment, Canada is about to gain one new wetland.


Get Brit a living-ish wage:


Another one bites the dust 


Eviction moratorium: 


Uh oh Cuomo killed more old folks:


Fake vax cards:


Prayer at the Temple Mount: 


Project Watersheds:


Zombie Giuliani:

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