101 - New Normal, New Weird

June 21, 2021

101 - New Normal, New Weird


Tired of making money the hard way, Britney, David, and Chris brainstorm what words and phrases we could trademark to make them Disney bucks. Albany Med hospital has violated human trafficking laws by turning Filipine nurses into indentured servants to avoid bargaining with the nurses’ union. Our climate is still a slow-motion trainwreck. The FBI is still using honeypot apps. But in Rochester, a restaurant has unionized, which is pretty tight.


Disney trademarking normal stuff that doesn’t belong to them: 


Automatic for the Bosses by David Banks:


AG: Albany Med violated human trafficking law, must repay Filipino nurses 


The West is drying out. Things will get ugly:


Smile for the camera!


Tierra Whack: Whack World:


CBS News: FBI uses ANOM messaging app to trick criminals, dealing "heavy blow against organized crime”:


Nani’s Kitchen workers unionize: 


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