29 - You Wouldn’t Download a Gun ft. Shuja Haider

29 - You Wouldn’t Download a Gun ft. Shuja Haider

January 20, 2020

CNN did Zaydee Bernie dirty and we won't stand for it. In this week's sedition, David sits down for an interview with Shuja Haider (@shujaxhaider) on new Twitter functionality that protects the powerful and the curation of the Obama Brand. Then we turn our attention to the Virginia gun control protests and the wild world of DIY guns. Then we end up where we started talking about Sanders endorsements, especially Albany's own @Thebarbarasmith!

*BONUS CONTENT INSIDE!!!* Our very own Britney Gil reads you, dear listener, the second fire chapter of Peter Kropotkin's Conquest of Bread! (Starts 1:17:38)

Ep art features the FCG9, or Fuck Gun Control 9, image source: @freegunzone on twitter. More info: (

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22 - Bees Can Have A Little Salami

22 - Bees Can Have A Little Salami

November 25, 2019

Our wonderful opening was written by Sean Kelleher (Follow him on Twitter! @seandotexe) and performed by the one and only Brit. Then we celebrate the creation of our Patreon account by talking about what a more class conscious platform would look like. Then we try to understand the mind of a Buttigieg supporter (and are driven mad in the process). The debates were boring but Brit's crepe thief isn't! The team discusses Prince Andrew and conclude: If he can't sweat he wasn't wet! From plutocrats touching teens, we then turn to teens touched by plutocratic indoctrination: Teen Titans is trying to turn our children into slumlords! David has a new essay coming out at Commune magazine about Marx's double freedom (it isn't free) and to co-working industry ( For wildflowers: NO NOT THE BEES! I MEAN, YES THE BEES! As they sign off the gang begs for gig work.

14 - Party and Bullshit

14 - Party and Bullshit

October 7, 2019

This week Chris and David report back from Bird-dogging the Mayor about the coverup of the police murder of Edson Thevenin. Also Chris is sober. Bernie Sanders needs to fix Taco Bell for the people. Liz Warren's plans aren't enough, because you gotta build movements. For our wildflowers: Spiders ride the lightning and use electricity to fly!

// Organizing around police brutality in Troy: (

// let Democrats running know how you feel about murder cover ups!

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