9 - Regime Change Your Boss ft. Sean Collins

9 - Regime Change Your Boss ft. Sean Collins

August 26, 2019

This episode, we are blessed with a guest, Sean Collins, lead organizer of SEIU 200 United and author and contributor at Strike Wave ( @strikewave), a labor news publication. Unfortunately, we are also cursed with an absence, as Britney was unable to record this week.  We talk about labor organizing, the modern space race, free taco promotions, tipped wages, democracy in the workplace, the republican primary, and for our wildflower: dancing on the grave of David Koch.

Spot Coffee Article at The Strike Wave:

Democracy @ Work:

Organizing at Tesla in Upstate NY:

Throw us a hammy!

7 - All Cats Are Beautiful

7 - All Cats Are Beautiful

August 12, 2019

The gang gets a welcome radio transmission from the future, and have our friend and comrade Caroline Nagy (@carolinenudge) on to discuss the recent DSA National Convention (

Afterwards we reel from the sudden death of billionaire-child-rape-ring-leader Jeffrey Epstein, and marvel at our near-constant feeling of unsurprising shock with that we dub "pikachu-face."

We check in with the Democratic primary, and discuss Columbia Development and disgraced developer / rat Joseph Niccola's most recent shenanigans in Troy (

Our wildflowers this week is all about healthy happy cats! Meow!

3 - It’s Maddening

3 - It’s Maddening

July 15, 2019
The gang reacts to news about Epstein (spoiler: it's not good folks), Chris makes excuses for his recent political defeat, David chronicles the attempts to make Troy a Sanctuary City, Brit tells us about Wal-Mart unionizing via Reddit, and the gang shares its hopes of discovery when our comrades successfully take Area 51.
James Bridle article on Weird Kids YouTube:
Link to Graeber essay:
Link to TU on Carmella and Green Party:
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