11 - I Drink your Milk Steak

11 - I Drink your Milk Steak

September 9, 2019

This week David gets back from a #Neveragainisnow rally and didn’t get hit by a car! Though we later agree that bikes are cars too (in the best way possible). The Joker is (un)cancelled. We look at the paltry offerings of the CNN town hall (except for Bernie, we stan him). Then we get into the equally sticky topics of population control and fish poop. Finally, for wildflowers we ask the tough question: “Can waifus consent to polyamory?” All this and more on IRONWEEDS! (Oh and a minor correction: when Chris says "ringworm" he means "hookworm.")


Never Again March coverage:

“Climate Crisis Town Hall”

Incel penguin:

8 - Kaiju Kangaroo

8 - Kaiju Kangaroo

August 20, 2019

We got another transmission from the alternate near-future! We Appreciate (clean, efficient) Power! This week we gather 'round the ole podcasting hearth and discuss our very normal news, the mysterious Hudson Valley Sightings, and our wildflowers are wild trees bearing heirloom fruits. Also:

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